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Mary Joe was this couples’ first baby After eighteen years of trying Mary Joe was a blessing Mary Joe was a lesson Little Mary was beauty; with our eyes we behold it.   That Sunday morning Before the altar It was Mary we were dedicating I remember the preacher saying, “This baby is a sign … Continue reading

Behind The Fiction: A Review of The Son of your Father’s Concubine

For those of you who haven’t read the book, The Son of Your Father’s Concubine by ‘Seun Salami, I suggest you go and read the book before you continue reading this piece. (I don’t have to tell you that I have read the book a couple of times myself). For information on how to get the book, … Continue reading


WARNING: The piece you are about to read is highly sensitive. It contains strong depiction of violence. And can be considered OFFENSIVE to some people. Readers’ discretion is advised. I woke up feeling gloom. The last time I felt this way was the morning after 9/11. Saying my morning prayers was a difficult task. I … Continue reading