Misery of the damsel

You messed up the hole to your pleasure,
These words can’t be told to
Wards from your dissatisfaction.
You saddled here and there
Actualising your wet dreams;
Even rendering your own hymns.
Everyone who consumed you,
You let down the wall of your pride.
Your soft front hurdle,
Plus your rear axle,
All this your male hounds trampled.
You heard the jingle from the singles,
Yet you burn exceedingly more.
It has rained; yet your fire isn’t quenched,
Like Mucus held in your compartment.
Today you left out the shield-an umbrella.
The gift of life is taken into you:
The misery of the damsel.

Adeshola Ademola is a savvy Brand Strategist and
Content Developer. A public speaker and a writer at
heart. Acting and poetry (spoken words) are amongst
his favourite pastime.


One thought on “Misery of the damsel

  1. Well crafted piece. Made a good read. Bravo!

    Posted by oscarpoems | November 5, 2012, 9:38 pm

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