Questions rampaging my powerful mind,
Breaking my tame in the face of fear,
Similitude of events when knights sleep.
What next to be?

In the quest for my ascendancy,
Where the manifestation of my calling
Is not without the fight of faith.
I dare to say: where is future?
Because my dream lives here within.

Be as a mountain small as mustard seed.
Be as a seed large as hills in ‘Manjaro.
Tell him “I come!”
I come in might of Grace,
I come by the great Him.
Him who in exceeding great power lifted to life.

I come to be that which was told,
I come to be the future.

By Adeshola Ademola. Follow @onedemola


Adeshola Ademola is a savvy Brand Strategist and
Content Developer. A public speaker and a writer at
heart. Acting and poetry (spoken words) are amongst
his favourite pastime.


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