Maturing all the while and
Often I perch upon various blooming flowers in the hood.
But she was special and different!
Then the charm of her glance struck me.
I was overcome by the overwhelming power of emotion,
And my reasoning quenched;
Gutted by the feelings with which my words faltered.
In the name of God, I vowed my allegiance.
I burrowed into her blend of Dreams,
And I found her worst was worth dying for.
You know i am slim?
Sometimes back, she flew away on the wings of discord.
Instantly, I was worse than an inmate in kirikiri,
Whose dreams and aspirations where behind bars.
Then I realised why the lord said
“it was not good for a man to be alone”. 
Be all ears to this song of my elegance,
Sang in this day of September,
Solemn and sweet that I should always remember.
You are my witness in this day of September,
As we parade in our gorgeous regalia exchanging vows,
And stepping into covenant.
To be one in Hope, in Pain, Joy and Bliss,
Till eternity ends.
Dearie, you are my dream fulfilled;
A working of The Most High.
You define my taste of beauty,
Blessed and favoured.
Sweet September,
How till time forever I will cherish you.
By Adeshola Ademola. Follow @onedemola
Adeshola Ademola is a savvy Brand
Strategist and Content Developer. 
A public speaker and a writer at heart.
Acting and poetry (spoken words) are
amongst his favourite pastime.


2 thoughts on “SWEET SEPTEMBER

  1. Very biutifully composed indeed. keep this up and you are going to become a great inspiration like Mark Twain, Henry Thoreau, Ralph Emerson and the great Dr. Holmes.
    I am mightily impressed. Well done.
    kind rgrds

    Posted by Bola Omole | September 15, 2012, 9:48 am
  2. Love is powerful and sometimes it hurts as much as it heals. If I come back to this life again, I will love with senseless and reckless abandon but I will also prepare to have my heart shattered.

    Posted by moskeda | September 15, 2012, 10:49 pm

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