This is the story of a very gentle man, loving husband, his lovely wife and 2 beautiful kids.

Mr X seemed to be the ‘best’ man in the world, he cared about his family and their welfare. They lived in a house built by his wife on her land. They were not legally married though they observed the normal traditional engagement ceremony (Mr X claimed there was no need going to the registry anymore because everyone knew they were already man and wife with evidence of 2 lovely kids). They never had naming ceremonies for their children because the man claimed his doctrine didn’t allow such. All in all, they lived happily together.

Early this year, Mr X died, leaving his wife and kids alone in this wicked world. The family made arrangements for his burial, something quiet but worthy of him. The said day came, everybody arrived looking solemn and the ceremony started.

Some minutes into the programme, a woman appeared, carrying a little boy aged about a year old. She made her way straight to where Mr X’s family was seated and she made room for herself there.

After all was said and done, she sought out the ‘Olori-Ebi’ of the family and introduced herself as the wife of the deceased. Wonders shall never end!!! (Oh My God!, I can imagine you say). She brought out concrete evidences: a valid marriage certificate signed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria and pictures of their court wedding, a birth certificate for her son and his naming ceremony pictures.

She proclaimed she had come to take charge of her husband’s properties. Thank God, every member of Mr X’s family knew his wife owned the house, this they explained to the other woman and told her in clear terms that Mr X had absolutely nothing for her to take charge of. This was Mrs X’s only saving grace. Thank heavens she wasn’t manipulated into putting her husbands name on her property.

Could you ever imagine Mr X had another wife outside his home? Nothing is impossible and as the saying goes ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’, which makes me still ponder the question ‘ARE MEN BORN UNFAITHFUL?’

Your comments and true life experiences would be appreciated.

By Ajoke Ilori. Follow at @ajokesogo

Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only. It does not (in any way) reflect or represent the opinions of the blog.


3 thoughts on “MEN: BORN UNFAITHFUL?

  1. Men are not born anything. They just grow up in world that is tagged theirs and therefore they believe they can freestyle in it, not caring who they hurt. If they’re not cheating on u, their treating you like shit. Even if they start loving you today, their heart will grow cold towards you tomorrow. Sorry, Dotun, I know I’m referring to your sex but I just had to say it

    Posted by moskeda | September 15, 2012, 10:41 pm

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