If you’re looking for a way to get recognized for your writing ability and you have a passion for reading, we want to work with you. We’re an online book review magazine that takes an uncustomary approach to the traditional book review and we’re searching for smart writers to join our growing team of book reviewers.

This opportunity will help you build your portfolio and add publications to your resume. Many of our writers’ reviews rank on the first page of Google search results, giving them great exposure to a wide readership.

  • The role of the Freelance Writer is simple: review books of your choice by reflecting on various aspects of your reading experiences.
  • The goal: Help us connect communities of passionate readers through the power of stories so that as a group, we can inspire and empower through words.


  • The reader in you: You’re passionate about reading books. It’s easy for you to finish reading a book within a couple of weeks. We’re not looking for speed-readers; we’re much more interested in thoughtful readers who can put down their books when inspiration strikes and write about how the stories touch them.
  • The writer in you: You’re a reflective writer who enjoys writing in a journal or on a blog on a regular basis, or who finds other outlets to channel the creative writing process into. You aren’t afraid to dig deep and write about the topics that matter most to you. You’re meticulous and detail oriented. You’ll have to transcribe quotes from your books, and doing that accurately is important. You want to develop yourself as a writer and you’re looking for an opportunity to work with an editor to better hone your craft.


Please do not send us your resume. We would greatly appreciate it if you would not insist on writing us a cover letter either. We know how much fun these two tasks can be, but life isn’t just about fun, now is it?

We’re looking for talented people who can write, not people who write about how much they want to write. So, having said that, here’s what to do to apply for the Freelance Writer position: Submit your first review to hiring [at]

You’ll get paid for every review you get published, even your first one provided that they meet our editorial standards. That means that if your application gets accepted, you get paid for applying for the job.

The best way to decide which book you’d like to review is to choose from the ones that inspire you most. We don’t put any restrictions on how writers select their books for review, so feel free to let your imagination guide you.


Being a freelance writer for us is different from being an Uncustomary Reviewer. A freelance writer starts off as a guest reviewer. An Uncustomary Reviewer is someone who has successfully published at least 3 reviews. Until you reach that goal, you’re still considered a guest reviewer. You’ll get paid the same amount per review, but you won’t be eligible for bonuses until you become an Uncustomary Reviewer. Uncustomary Reviewers also get access to The Free Bookstore where they can pick out free books to review.


  • You get free books at The Free Bookstore. All Uncustomary Reviewers gain access to our online bookstore where they can pick out which free books they want to review next. We add books to the bookstore’s shelves each week, so there’s always lots of choice.
  • You build your writing portfolio and gain exposure as a published writer as you develop a strong online presence and watch your readership grow.
  • You develop a working relationship with your editor as you hone your craft. With each review you submit, you receive editorial feedback and guidance on how to improve your writing.

COMPENSATION: Reviewers are paid $15/review plus bonuses.


For queries/ submissions:



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