St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and as usual, this year’s celebration promises to be exciting and eventful. i wouldn’t want to bore you with the origin of the celebration, as there are various account of it. One fact is that the day has received universal recognition as Lover’s Day.

About my perfect valentine date, i think am the old-fashioned dinner-for-two kind of guy, you know what i mean.

The day should start with a phone call to my special girl, around 12 midnight (definitely not extracool) just to tell her sweet things meant for her ears only. Then later in the day, a trip to the mall to get some flowers and chocolate (i think nigerian girls prefer recharge cards), then maybe a nice gift (cut my coat accordingly). On my way home, i would call her up to come over to my place, dinner is on me.

Then comes the difficult part…I have to prepare dinner. To add a romantic touch, both of us would do the cooking (okay, actually am a terrible cook, i must confess).

Now the dinner is ready…
Lights out…
Candles on…
Food is served…

A little red wine to loosen up, good music to set the mood right, and definitely “me” to make her happy. I would enjoy the moment, and let the evening unfold, I keep my mind open…

Candles out…
What happens next…

Don’t blame me, blame the american movies, and mexican soaps for putting this in my head…ya ya!

What is your perfect valentine date like? Please feel free to share with me, I would be expecting your comments…

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2 thoughts on “MY DREAM VALENTINE

  1. My perfect Valentine date? Me and my partner: first scented candles, a Persian carpet, 46″ LCD TV, a cheesy movie, chinese takeout, white wine. Then Egyptian silk sheets, white wine, crisp cool air, “Falsetto” by The Dream, champagne, and nakedness.

    Posted by Tiki | July 9, 2012, 10:24 am

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