The dark skinned warrior…

A lot has been read, heard, and said about me that the truth itself has become obscure. Incredulous tales from faraway land, narrated from generations to generations abound with various accounts of deeds about me, and all efforts to authenticate this tales have been futile. Amazingly, these stories have one thing in common…unbelievable!!!

An ancient Greek legend has it that in the years before the fall of Troy, there was a particular dark-skinned warrior who was known to be without fear. Achilles in his own words described him saying “he fears no man borne of the womb of a woman”. Many perish at the end of his sword as he fought bravely beside Achilles at the battle of Troy. And upon his shoulder, Achilles when struck by an arrow in his calf, breathes his last breath. Bravery was not the only virtue they shared; they also shared an insatiable love for fair maidens. What became of him after the fall of Troy, no one knew.

His insignia was a gold cannon on a background of a red shield, with a this bold inscription underneath: “gunners for life!!! ayomidotun”

Another legend from Sparta gave a different account. Spartans are believed to be descendant of Achilles himself. In the days of King Leonardas, there was a particular black warrior believed to be of Spartan birth. He was famous for his trickery, bravery and absolute dedication to the act of warfare. His deeds and skills on the battle field were unrivalled. Many believed his absence from amongst the 300 brave was the one reason Sparta lost. He alone could have won the war for Sparta.

Little was known of his whereabouts after the fall of the 300 brave. And when news of the death of king Xerxes (king of king) at the hands of a black assailant reached Sparta, it was rumoured that he was the black assailant.

Though no details of the origin of this black warrior was known, no record of birth or death, and the only identity he bore was the word boldly emblazoned on the breastplate of his armor in gold prints: “ayomidotun”

The following account is believed not to be a legend. It was retrieved from a parchment scroll uncovered in the ruins of the Temple of Yahweh. The scroll is believed to have been written in the mid 1980s: On Tuesday, 29th of April, around 9:00am in faraway western African land of Nigeria, a male child was born to a young farmer. The circumstances surrounding the birth of the child were uncommon, and many believed the boy to be special. He would grow up to become a source of hope and blessing to millions. As it is the tradition of the land, after seven days, the baby boy was christened “ayomidotun”, a name in the native Yoruba language, meaning “my joy is renewed”.

Nobody ever told his parents that the child would grow up to become a blogger known for his great exploits…

Enough tales about me for now…


One thought on “ABOUT ME: LEGEND HAS IT…

  1. LOL…..Wooooww!!

    Posted by Oluwatosin Bayeri | July 26, 2012, 9:51 am

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